Quality 4.0 – Are You Prepared?

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is much closer than you think – it is actually here. Do you know what awaits you as a professional and as a business? Are you prepared to take on the challenge? Are you ready to embrace the future?

I am inviting you to find out through this timely e-book which I wrote specifically to answer all of those questions. This quick and easy read reviews the evolution of the quality profession and how it fits with the rapid technological changes that are well underway in today’s society. It explains in simple terms what Quality 4.0 is about, explores the skills necessary to succeed in the boardrooms of the nearest future and allows to learn how to tap into the innovative power of your team.  

I am sharing with readers real-world examples from hands on industry experts that will help you survive ad thrive in the era of full automation and digitization. You will take away simple strategies that you can employ today in order to best prepare yourself and your organization for the new industrial era that is upon us. I am wishing you best luck with the transformation and growth you need in order to succeed in the future.

To get your copy of “Quality 4.0 – Are You Prepared?” now – click on the Amazon link to the right of this page. Mobile users – scroll down to the Amazon link.

Here is what one reader wrote in his/her Amazon review:

thanks for writing this short and meaningful book

18 September 2019. I am a software engineer in between jobs, recently found this interesting book online, caught up with 6 sigma and TQM.I am not sure how Mumbai Dabbawalas are doing but at one point they used to beat 6 sigma standards,I hope the new age app loving brigade will not make this legacy irrelevant.If I had the opportunity and if it is not a trade secret I would love to write a free book and publish it, if that’s what it takes.

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