How to Build Connections across Cultures

More than a Culinary Journey to the Caucasus Cultural differences can stall team performance by impeding people’s ability to work effectively towards shared goals. The reason is the misconceptions and tension caused by focusing on differences. Workplace diversity experts agree that people from different cultures have more similarities than they realize. In today’s globalized marketplace, […]

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More Than a Border Crisis

Children cooped up in cages crying and pleading with strangers for help. Migrant parents torn away from them, arrested and detained elsewhere. Public rage at the regime behind all of this. The equally loud outcry from those in power who justify their actions as a consequence of a long-standing problem inherited from previous administrations. This […]

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The Best Way to Build Confidence

The topic of confidence comes up for me from time to time in different conversations – whether  someone walks up to me and asks bluntly: “Where in the world do you find the confidence for speaking publicly with your accent?” or people genuinely want to know how to build the confidence for job interviews, business […]

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