Change Management 06/14/2017

How to Overcome Change Management Obstacles  

Are you looking for an effective approach to transitioning your team from a current state to a desired future state? Do you want to know what the common change obstacles are and how your role as a leader will impact each of those obstacles? In this session you will be inspired by the power of an image-based vision and to learn how to:

–          Avoid usual change management pitfalls

–          Understand why people resist change

–          Garner the necessary support from all levels of organization

–          Apply your knowledge to achieve lasting results.

” Natella’s recent talk on change management during the ASQ Monthly talks was refreshing. Being a change management professional myself, I can say that, she did strike a chord with the audience. This was visible by a variety of questions/comments at the end. She engaged the audience well, did ask questions to solicit views during the talk and did apply good public speaking skills. I did enjoy her talk.”
Santosh Mishra, PMP, CSSBB, P Eng. , PROSCI, LA, Contract Auditor at SAI Global
“I recently attended a presentation delivered by Natella talking about “Change Management”. The presentation was simple to follow yet very thorough and informative when it came to content and information provided. Natella’s way of delivering presentations and public speeches is very professional, thorough and to-the-point! All combined with her passion and dedication to the quality assurance profession, her professionalism, and the respect to others”
Moataz El-Menshawy, M.Eng., P.Eng., PMP, CSSBB, QA & Continuous Improvement Professional, Westport Innovations

“Natella, here are some of the improvements that I noticed in your presentation compared to your earlier presentations about two years ago:

– You were very confident and relaxed in front your audience (no sign of nervousness).  Your voice volume, pitch, and speech rate were appropriate for your presentation.  
– You had your audience engaged throughout your presentation.  There were lots of discussions and audience participation.    
-The topic you chose was relevant to your audience.  You also covered you topic thoroughly with some great examples. You showed that you knew your subject.
– Other ASQ members have also noticed the improvements in your presentation.  For example, during our last ASQ Vancouver Annual Conference,  the feedback from some members was that you were the best/memorable presenter at the conference.

Looking forward to your future presentations” 

Manjit Parmar, P.Eng., Quality Engineer, Avcorp Industries Inc