The Secret Language of Leadership

Want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the persuasive power of unscrupulous Sales & Marketing? Ever wondered how Politicians garner so much support from crowds or how Media shapes our views without us even realizing it? Then the time has come for you to master the Secret Language of Leadership. Through fun storytelling, you will learn how the ancient art of Rhetoric served humanity for millennia, while today it’s restricted only to a privileged few. In this session, Natella shows how the basic principles of Rhetoric apply to your speaking and leadership. You will learn to recognize 6 most commonly used rhetorical techniques and to incorporate them into your own language in order to become a stronger communicator.

The Secret Language of Leadership was an education session at the District 21 Toastmasters last Fall Conference. The session focused on how to make public speaking more effective, more powerful and more persuasive through mastering the Art of Rhetoric.  It ended with highly interactive and fun workshop reinforcing what was learned.


“I have attended many, many conferences, and it is rare now that I am as entertained and educated as thoroughly as I was by Ms. Isazada’s presentation.  Her knowledge of the subject matter was exceptional, and she related it well to the needs of the audience.  I now use her suggestions in my presentations and in my day-to-day life.”

Karen Knight, DTM, Past District 21 Director, Toastmasters International

“Natella presented an incredible education session on Rhetoric, “The Secret Language of Leadership” at our recent fall conference in Victoria.  The response was overwhelmingly supportive of her knowledge, preparation, responses to questions and encouragement of participation.  Her presentation was very well received and the positive comments helped make the entire conference a success.”

Shawn Gold DTM, District 21 Program Quality Director

“Natella presented an educational session that was a completely new concept for our group and incredibly useful. She had our full attention from start to finish with her professional manner, passion for the subject and her humour!”

Wendy Leroux, DTM


It was a pleasure to meet you and, even more so, to hear your lecture, “The secret language of Leadership”. Thanks for reminding me how to make my speeches more effective and colourful.  I shall remember to use those rhetorical devices you explained. I also enjoyed the interaction with the audience (reminded me of a work-study program, when we dealt with the question of “should a 16-year-old be allowed to drive”.) Once again, it was both educational and entertaining.”

Irfane Fancey

“Thank you Natella for a truly great ed session where I learned about rhetorical devices and the language of leadership”

Suzanne Viau, Sooke Harbour Toastmasters