Saturday Morning Test

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If you didn’t have anything to do or anywhere to go to on a Saturday morning what would you do with your time? Well, let’s clarify one thing upfront: if you are currently at a stage in your life when you feel sleep-deprived or otherwise experience lack of any “Me” time, I understand if all you want to do is to stay in bed and sleep in. In that case, read it as:  what would you rather do or where would you rather go once you finally got up after getting enough rest?

Would you go to the gym or for a run outside? Would you read a book or maybe write one? Would you play music or work on your art? Would you spend your morning gardening or perhaps cooking that picture perfect meal? Seems as if the options in front of us are endless but you have to name the one you would naturally be inclined to go for without really thinking hard about it. That is supposed to be where your authentic self calls you, the place where your passions lie.

Discovering our passions helps to learn about our true nature. All of us have roles and responsibilities when it comes to our professional and personal lives. We have accomplishments and we have credentials to show for them, we may have earned remarkable degrees and have built impressive corporate resumes. We have careers or jobs and we might be good at what we do for a living. But in the end of the day all of us have varying degrees of job satisfaction and happiness with what we do in our daily lives. Learning which activities really make us happy and get in tune with our passions is very useful. It allows us to get creative and find ways to integrate those activities into our jobs so that we can raise the levels of our happiness.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart”, said Rumi, 13th-century Islamic poet, scholar, and philosopher. To me, discovering what we are made for is a path worth pursuing. Saturday morning test is only one possible way to bring you closer to getting in touch with your true self. I learned about it at a recent personal growth session I was fortunate enough to attend here in our backyard in Vancouver with the New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and former publisher of SUCCESS Magazine Darren Hardy and a number of other fantastic speakers. It was on Saturday. AM to be precise.

There is something to be said about the power of this simple tool in revealing our true passions. I am not surprised a bit with the results I got. Personal growth and professional development are some of the things I am truly fascinated with and this never-ending learning journey is definitely one of the most rewarding elements of my job and of all other activities I choose to spend my time on.

I am curious to hear what you discover for yourself once you’ve done your own Saturday morning test. And we can have a further discussion on how to incorporate your passions into what you do in your daily life.


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  1. When the weather is nice, definitely spend my morning time in a garden. Otherwise, reading with a cup of coffee 😊

    1. What an interesting read! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it’s an inspiring article that makes us believe in ourselves!Keep up the good work!!! Will continue to read your blog!!! Good luck! 😃

  2. It seems that I failed my Saturday morning test: I couldn’t find an answer to the question “what would I do with my time”! Sounds a bit disappointing. Am I capable of revealing my true passions?

    1. You have not failed the test dear. It’s not even Saturday yet. First of all there are other methods to find your true passion and we can discuss them later. But for now, I would like to ask you to actually start observing yourself on Saturday mornings, especially those that are not too busy or eventful. See if you can get in tune with what you really enjoy doing.

  3. It’s fitting that I waited until Saturday morning to write my comment on this week’s post. It is my favorite morning of the week. Even though I wake up early, I don’t set my alarm so waking up on my terms sets the tone for a great start to my day. Every Saturday for over 11 years, my daughter and I visit my parents for lunch. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with her and my parents and they love seeing their Granddaughter. My wife works on Saturdays so it’s just Dad and teenage daughter and I love it. The car ride to my parents provides an opportunity to crank whatever new music she’s into and have some great discussions on the way there and back. What’s important to me? Family.

    1. Jason, thank you for sharing with us about your Saturdays. Such a long standing tradition you have with your daughter and your parents! You have kept it up for 11 years, truly shows where your passion is. Teenagers can definitely be a handful and I applaud you for having a great relationship with yours – taking interest in her choice of music, keeping up discussions on whatever topics interest her and maintaining and on-going contact between different generations 🙂

  4. Every Saturday and Sunday – I go to an aquafit class and then talk to my parents via Skype. I look forward to these two activities, and they set the tone for my day. I’m energized, and my soul is happy as well.

    Thank you for the article, it was an interesting read.

    1. Wow, thank you for sharing Vladimira! So for you it’s fitness and staying in touch with your loved ones. I loved how you put it – energizes your soul and sets the tone for the day !

  5. Most Saturday morning I wake up with so much excitement. My spouse & I go jogging around the lakes rain or shine!! Often we jog around Bunzon Lake. It’s my favourite place. In general, I’m fascinated with nature since it gives me the peace of mind that I don’t obtain from anywhere or anything else . From that I shake all my stresses out& resume the energy that I need for my hectic weekday schedules ! BTw, Natella I love you informative blog& also I admire your cognition .

    1. Your enthusiasm is so contagious, Simin! I love Bunzon lake and nature in general. If I lived any closer to there you could be bumping into me on some of your Saturday morning runs. What an excellent way to recuperate and re-energize. Thank you for your kind words too!